60's Girl Groups!
what's a girl supposed to do?
i'm just a girl who likes girl groups.
I Love You So
The Chantels

The Chantels / I Love You So

Say It With Love
The Exciters

The Exciters / Say It With Love

I want to listen to some 60's girl groups, could you write a playlist suggesting some of the best songs/groups for me to get started?

this is what i started listening to (also from the top of my head) when i started getting into girl groups.

the chantels | maybe
the marvelletes | beachwood 4-5789
hollywood jills | he makes me so mad
the crystals | then he kissed me
mary wells | my guy
lesey gore | you don’t own me
the dixie cups | iko iko
the cookies | chains
the toys | a lover’s concerto
the shirelles | baby it’s you
the ronettes | be my baby
the chiffons | he’s so fine


The Ronettes performing “Is This What I Get For Loving You?” on an episode of the television show Hullabaloo that originally aired on April 27,1965

oh so beautiful

The Cookies


The Cookies | Randy

Right Now And Not Later
The Shangri-Las


The Shangri-Las - Right Now and Not Later

There’s something wrong and it’s starting to show
And I don’t wanna be the last to know
So if there’s someone else standing in our way
Then I think there’s something that you ought to say

Right now and not later baby,
Right now and not later.
‘Cause later may be too late
I gotta know right now.
I mean right now and not later baby
Right now and not later baby

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